Who we are...

Every day is blue-jean-friday at Pilot Designs.
We provide a laid back atmosphere for our workers and our clients. No intimidating business suits or conference calls... No multi-million dollar office complex with conference tables more expensive than your car... Just great ideas and great websites.

Contact Atlanta / Newnan Web DesignerNow about me...

Pam Burrus is the web designer, developer and owner of Pilot Designs. She has been designing websites for over 9 years as a hobby and continued this into college where she graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems. After college she began designing websites on the side and her demand began increasing at rapid rate. This is when she decided to realize her dream and create her own website design business. With the help and support of her husband, Pam developed Pilot Designs.

Because Pam has always worked for small businesses, she understands that there are certain needs that larger media companies can not meet. She understands that small businesses need to be able to talk to an individual instead of listening to hundreds of automated options. She understands that they need more guidance and help for their website design and development. And most importantly she knows what it's like to be a small business, because she is a small business herself.

Pilot Designs Staff

Ok - so we really don't have "staff"... but we do have some very important contract workers that help to make my job a lot easier. Want to put a face to a name? Here is your chance.


Tim - SEO Specialist / Website UpdatesTim Bell - SEO Specialist / Updates Guru

Tim Bell aka Trim-a-tree aka Best brother in the world aka Broke College Student.
This boy could boot up a computer at age 2 way back when computer screens were black and green and you had to use 2 floppy disks (I mean the big floppy ones) to get the thing going. One of the first words he could spell was "computer" (along with "dinosaur" - pretty impresive if you ask me). He has reformatted, recreated, recycled more computers than I can count... and now he works with me to make your site show up in search engines.
He's 23, he's single, and 100% of all SEO packages go toward his college education.
Need Search Engine Optimization? Need a date? (qualified candidates only) Email tim@pilotdesigns.com.


Charlie CatCaptain Charles Oliver Burrus of the S.S. Fluff 'N Stuff

Yes folks - That really is his real name. "Charlie" is our first born - straight from the streets of College Park. Charlie serves as inspiration, warmth, and is the best moth catcher any couple could ask for.


PiperPiper aka "The Storm Drain Puppy"

I dont know why we never came up with a full name for Piper, but I'm open for suggestions. Maybe she is like Cher, or Madona, or Prince... she only needs one name. Piper serves as the office guard dog - barking at any person that walks in front of the house, graces the driveway, or knocks on the front door. Look out folks - she may look sweet but she is 30 lbs of sheer terror.