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Custom Website Design

Every website we create is custom designed for your business. We do not use templates of any sort which means every design is created AFTER a meeting with you (via phone, email, over coffee at the best coffee shop in Newnan - Espresso Lane).

If you are a visual person - we can provide you with a creative brief to fill out. It asks important questions about the look and feel you want for your website as well as content information, features, etc. While we are meeting we can also surf the web to see your competitors sites - and then make something that's BETTER.

If you have no idea what you want or need - never fear! I'm an expert (self proclaimed, but I have clients that can vouch for me!) at web design and marketing. Before I realized my purpose in life was to make beautifully functioning websites - I was planning to major in marketing. I even competed nationally in marketing competitions (and ranked nationally too) - so what I'm saying is that I not only create what you want - but I can figure out what you need even if you have no clue!

If you aren't convinced that having a custom website is better - gimme a call. Lets go get coffee and talk.

Website Development

When I code your website, I use the latest and greatest in website coding called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). A lot of "other" web designers design layouts using tables. This is not necessarily bad (yes, I did it at one time), but CSS is the new way of coding that is much better for many reasons.

One beautiful fact about websites designed in CSS is that once the website is designed, I can come back a year or two later and give you an entirely fresh design using the exact same coding saving you a ton of $$!!

Another reason CSS is great is for accessibility reasons (for those who use text readers etc) and it also eliminates extraneous code. Extra code is not typically desirable due to the fact that search engines quit reading lines of code after a certain point. If your designer uses tables you are adding extra lines of code that will not benefit you in search engine results. You want the search engines to read the “meat” or content part of your site.

I use hidden tags called "meta tags". Included in these are a title, description, and keyword tag.

Next I will add "alt" tags to your images. What does this mean? Think about it this way - Pretend search engines are blind. If you have an image that says "Pilot Designs - The best websites anywhere!" The search engines can't read what that image says because it's just an image... there is no real text to the image so it just skips over it. If we add an "alt" tag to the image, we can duplicate the text and hide it in the code so that search engines can "read" the image, therefore increasing your visibility. This is also a good practice for those visitors who surf websites with their images turned off. They can see the text to the image and if it's something they think is important, they can turn the images back on to see the photo. Without alt tags, the visitor would have no idea there was even an image there at all.

All of my websites are hand coded so that your site gets the BEST and cleanest coding around. It really makes a difference in search engine results, in editing, and it's just plain better to have a web designer that UNDERSTANDS the code.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of your website, and is often not included or overlooked by many web designers. Why? Because it takes more time to do things "right". This is something that I have a great deal of knowledge in and understand the importance of optimizing your site so that you will be noticed by the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is always included in my website pricing as I feel this is not only "important" but rather necessary for the success of any website.

Here is what we include in every website we build -
Or, you can contact us about adding our SEO package to your current website!

Google Analytics

This amazing analytics program will help you keep track of your site traffic. It's very easy to use and understand. Find out how many unique visitors you are getting per day and see how many are new vs. returning. See where geographically your visitors are coming from. A map pinpoints the location so you can have a visual, and then you can drop down by Country, by State, and then see the cities where your visitors are checking out your site! See your most popular pages, how much time is spent on each page, and how many page views you are getting. Also see where your visitors are finding your site. You can tell if your visitors are "googling" you, or if they are finding you from a manufacturers page. This can be very beneficial in helping you determine how successful your online advertising is going.

Webmaster Tools

Within the webmaster tools are a Sitemap, Verification Code, and useful tools to help you determine google rank.
The Sitemap is a tool that is hand coded specifically to tell search engines what pages are on your site, how often they are updated, when they were last updated, and how important they are to your site. Search engines use this to help "index" pages to include in their search results. Without a sitemap, search engines can easily overlook many pages in your site resulting in lower ranking within the search engines.

The verification code is a page that tells Google specifically that the site is in fact a live, legit website. This is an important factor in Google's algorithm for determining results lists and page ranks. I'm sure you have all experienced searching for one thing in the search engine, and having pages returned that have NOTHING to do with what you searched for. Google is very serious about only providing useful and relative websites, and verifying your website will show Google that you are not another website that's gone up over night.. that you are there to stay and they need to notice you.

Finally, there are many useful statistics within Webmaster Tools that will help you. First it shows you how many sites you have linking back to your site. These links... or "backlinks" are essential to your page rank and position in googles standings. The more quality (by this i mean relevant) links you have back to your website, the more important your site looks to google. If you notice you are not showing up in the top 20, 50, or even 100 results for your field - you may want to consider creating quality backlinks to your site. Secondly, the tools will show you what words Google finds in your site for search engine results. It will browse your site and see what words seem like they are most relevant to your site and what it's about. Then it will take a look at what phrases people are using to find your site as well as what phrases you are "ranked" in and tell you your rank. For example - Pilot Designs would want to be noticed for "Website Design" as well as "Website Design in Newnan". There are millions of website designers, so while Pam may want to appear higher for "website design"... "website design in Newnan" may be more of a realistic goal. The Webmaster Tools will tell you these desirable phrases and then tell you your average position in google.

Google Local Business

If you google your business name, you may or may not appear in the Local Business Results in the top of the Google Page Results. If you see yourself - congrats, but the job isn't done yet. Chances are you probably only see an address, phone number and possibly a website listed. Did you know that you can add photos, descriptions, hours, service categories, etc? We can enhance your listing to make you more desirable not only to google, but to your potential site visitors as well. Now, if you ARENT already listed... we can fix that. We will add your entry, a description, etc so that you will be on your way to top listings.

Just by adding this system to some other Pilot Designs pages, we have already increased their results DRASTICALLY. Google "Lake Homes Newnan"... Chances are is at the very top of the list. This is the largest lake neighborhood community in Newnan and would you believe a month before we re-designed their website they were not in the top search results at ALL??? In just a short month we had bumped up their results and we are on our way for getting them noticed for "new homes newnan". They are already ranked around #5 for "new homes newnan" for the new website, while the old site doesn't even rank in the top 1000!! I would say that's pretty drastic.

Yahoo! Locals

Ok - so while MILLONS are "googling" stuff... there are others that are using Yahoo! While we focused our efforts on Google for a long time - we decided to branch out and offer a listing on Yahoo! Locals. This listing has proven to be extremely beneficial to Pilot Designs - and it will be beneficial to your business too! This wonderful listing allows you to get ranked for your business. Have a satisfied client?? Tell them to give you 5 stars and a brief testimonial. The more you have - the higher you rank.

So is this convincing enough?? Yeah - we care about you... we really really do!


Good copy is soooooo important for your website. If you have little to no text on your site - there is no way Google or any other search engine can find you! We have an AMAZING copywriter who knows SEO and knows writing! Her beautifully written pages have not only helped clients show up in Google after only a couple of days (no, I'm not kidding... literally only 2 days) but it also makes for a good read! Generally I tell people that most viewers dont read the text on your site - but our copywriter's text gets people READING and gets search engines NOTICING!

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